Class name

E.bootstrap.div (0.2.0)


Method Parameters Returns Description Example
child any buildable this Add content to component child('Hello world')
attr key, value this Add attribute key/value to component attr('id','div1')
build string Build string of component markup build()
append jquery selector boolean Build and append string to DOM append('#mydiv')
bgmode valid mode this Set mode (.bg-{{mode}}) bgmode('primary')
textmode valid mode this Set mode (.text-{{mode}}) textmode('muted')
textcase valid case this Set mode (.text-{{case}}) textcase('capitalize')
align valid alignment this Set alignment (.text-{{align}}) align('center')
column gridmode, size this Set grid mode (.col-{{gridmode}}-{{size}}) column('xs',12)
offset gridmode, size this Set grid offset mode (.col-{{gridmode}}-offset-{{size}}) offset('xs',1)


Hello world
Text mode
Hello world
Background mode
Hello world
Hello world
Text case
Hello world
Grid columns
A little longer text to show size of element.
Last modified: 2016-02-05